“Coherence is one of the most important books on business, business consulting, and leadership that has been published in the last decade. From beginning to end, it is richly detailed, deeply serious (but not ponderous), extremely illuminating, and altogether wise, and simply renders virtually all other books in this area woefully partial, fragmented, and limited. It is a powerhouse of inclusive, comprehensive, complexity thinking, but replete with plenty of the “simplicity on the other side of complexity,” making the book a great pleasure to read. It’s a cliché, but if you read one book in this area this year, make it this one!”

Ken Wilber, The Integral Vision


“Dr. Alan Watkins has written an extraordinary book that greatly enhances leadership and organizational transformation, and moves us closer to the next evolutionary stage of human potential. This enlightened leadership, which seeks to alleviate suffering and awaken greater wisdom and compassion, requires that we understand more clearly and navigate more effectively the VUCA world we are currently living in: V-Volatile, U-Uncertain, C-Complex, A-Ambiguous. Watkins responds to this VUCA reality with a systematic, practical approach for achieving physiological, emotional, cognitive, behavioral and relational coherence that leads to what Csikszentmihalyi calls optimum performance “in the flow state,” a state of maximum efficiency, effectiveness and creativity.

Some highlights of Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership are:

1) Practices for moving from time and stress management to energy management and “smarter, healthier, happier” aliveness.

2) Practices that “land,” embody and manifest optimal emotional intelligence and problem solving by changing physiological conditions into states that facilitate “our very best thinking.”

3) An integral model of human development that includes personal, collective and organizational transformation based on the works of Ken Wilber, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Terri O’Fallon, Graves/Spiral Dynamics and others.

4) Leadership skills that enhance morale, productivity, innovation and change in response to global issues.

Watkins combines his training and international experience as a medical doctor and lecturer in neuroscience and psychology to create an amazing, visionary and successful new kind of leadership that more fully activates all aspects of human potential, thus creating complete coherence in service of personal, organizational and societal transformation. Very highly recommended!”

Vernice Solimar (Integral Psychology)


“The approaches in this book have helped me remain in the present. In life sometimes your inner voice can be nervous, worried and unhappy… learning to operate from a position of inner peace and calmness, to be present, is transformational.”

John Browett, CEO, Monsoon


“What a wonderful book! I only had to read a few chapters and this was enough to almost instantly improve the mental approach I had to my golf game. Am very much looking forward to reading the rest of the book so I can continue to fine tune the mental aspect of my game and i’ll be able to put it to good use in my own business. Highly recommend!”



“The comprehensiveness and scope of this work is mind blowing! Complex topics are presented clearly and simply with practical applications that are transformative”

Maria Verdin


“In my experience, it normally takes around five years for teams to operate at the level of trust and co-operation we have reached. With the techniques in this book we did it in six months.”

Warwick Brady, COO, easyJet


“It makes sense that if you want to perform at your best you should know the key drivers of how that is possible. If you don’t you will be at a distinct disadvantage. Fortunately for me I met Alan Watkins, now everyone can benefit when they read this book.”

Michael Drake, Managing Director, TNT Express – AMEA


“I am now half way through the book and I have to say that this is life changing stuff! So much that my family has already started to notice a difference in my behavior. I already watched all I can watch on youtube, bought the book, bought the app, ordered the ear clip and can’t wait to get on my way to be brilliant every day. I will promote this until the day I die, it is a value loaded gift to humanity.”

Gestur Icelandic Coast guard


“How refreshing to read a book that is so well researched and carefully developed. Watkins has combined evidence from neuroscience, business practice and clinical understanding to produce one of the most useful books I have come across. I will refer to it often in my own work.”

Merle Friedman


“Full of challenging content, new ideas until the final page. This really can make a difference to performance. I enjoyed the personal journey of learning”

Tim Ashdown


“Whether you run a business, are a Board member or are just starting out, this book will give you an invaluable insight into what makes you and your organisation tick. The combination of physiology and psychology explains so much about how you respond to different situations and how you can survive and thrive through personal and organisational development. I only wish I could have read it fifteen years ago!”

Simon Derrick


“Outstanding book. This book combines all the essential elements for sustained individual and organisational performance and merges those ingredients coherently. All the strings in the orchestra combine and play together. Physical coherence leads to emotional coherence which enables better thinking and more consistent behaviours in the heat of the battle. All of thes methods hang together within the framework of adult development models, such as the work of Clare Graves, Robert Keegan, Bill Torbert and Susanne Cook Greuter. Both the individual and organisational elements sit nicely within a neatly adapted version of the Wilber 4 quadrant model and lines of consciousness.”

M. Hawkswell